Another bad news for laid off Google employees, may not get paid for approved maternity or medical leave


Google laid off 6% of its overall staff in January this year. As in line with a record with the aid of using CNBC, the business enterprise might not pay its e-staffers for paid maternity and clinical go away. According to the record, extra than one hundred laid off Google personnel have fashioned a set called `Laid off on Leave.`

The institution consists of those who have been on maternity go away, child bonding go away, caregiver`s go away, clinical go away and private go away on the time of layoff. They are together asking the agency to pay them for the pre-permitted weeks and months go away earlier than the layoff.

The laid off personnel have despatched letters to Google executives, together with CEO Sundar Pichai and Chief People Officer Fiona Cicconi on 3 separate occasions. The maximum latest turned into despatched on March 9. None of the letters have acquired a reaction though.

Meanwhile, Google personnel have written an open letter to Pichai, worrying higher coping with of layoffs. The letter has been signed with the aid of using extra than 1,four hundred people.

“The influences of Alphabet`s choice to lessen its staff are global. Nowhere have people' voices competently been considered, and we understand that as people we're more potent collectively than alone. We are for that reason coming collectively internationally to be heard," stated the letter.

In the letter, Google personnel have indexed five `asks`. These are

1) Freeze all new hires all through the layoff process. First ask for voluntary redundancies and voluntary running time discount earlier than obligatory layoffs. Allow for employee 'swaps' to similarly keep away from obligatory redundancies.

2) Grant precedence rehire to any Alphabet personnel which have been these days laid off. Prioritize inner switch options, prioritized get admission to to jobs with out the want to re-interview and conform to a truthful severance package.

3) Protect our co-people from nations with lively conflicts or humanitarian crises (inclusive of Ukraine, Russia, etc). Do now no longer terminate employment whilst it'd adversely have an effect on visas, that may require people to go back to dangerous or volatile nations. Provide more guide to those and people prone to house allow loss: assist with activity searches—inner and external—and offer ok gardening go away.

4) Respect scheduled leaves (Maternity, Baby Bonding, Carer's and Bereavement) and do now no longer supply word till the go away is finished. Workers given word can be notified in-character and can be given the possibility to mention goodbye to their coworkers.

5) Ensure there can be no discriminatory consequences primarily based totally on sex, gender identity, gender expression, age, sexual orientation, racial or ethnic identity, caste, veteran status, religion, and disability.

The letter ends with the aid of using stating: “Our business enterprise has lengthy touted its dedication to doing proper with the aid of using its customers and people, and those commitments will display Alphabet adhering to the very last line of its Code of Conduct: Don't Be Evil. We understand that is inside your manner and your cappotential to accomplish."


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